Live Mini Workshops

"The Teacher is a perpetual student." 


-Master Choa Kok Sui 


Atma Namaste Everyone! 

Are you looking for life answers? 

Are you looking to go deeper into fascinating topics? 

Are you looking for healing in some area of your life? 

Are you looking to connect with other like-minded people? 

We offer exactly this with our 60-minute online LIVE Soul Mastery Workshops tailored to your busy schedule, where you explore profound topics like chakras, forgiveness, prosperity consciousness, self & soul mastery, meditation and much more. Best of all, these topics are handpicked by you and your peers through social media voting. And at the end of every topic you receive Pranic Healing,  leaving you feeling lighter, brighter and happier. 

The LIVE Soul Mastery Workshops are led by Christian Long, a professional energy healer and meditation teacher since 2004, who has empowered 1000’s of professionals like you to reclaim inner peace, harness your soul's energy, and clarify your purpose. These LIVE sessions provide a unique platform to unplug, learn, and rejuvenate without infringing on your bustling routine.

For an investment of only $75, you can turn the tides of your everyday grind towards meaningful success and fulfillment personally, professionally and spiritually. Don't delay. Join our waiting list now and stay in the loop for our next class. 

We hold LIVE Mini Workshops at least once per month and recordings are not available. 

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