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I'm Ready to Heal My Life!

"Without awareness, there is no inner transformation." -MCKS

This quote is from my spiritual teacher, who developed, refined and spread an unknown healing system (Pranic Healing) and yoga system (Arhatic Yoga) to over 60 countries with over a million practitioners in less than 25 years before his passing in 2007.

The Inner Transformation Group Program gives you practical tools to rapidly transform your health, relationships and spiritual development clearly, including energy healing each lesson to accelerate your results by 300-400%. 

Doing this program gives you access to cleaner, brighter, more vibrant energies that allow for faster removal of negative energies to transform your life faster and easier than you could have ever imagined.

This is How We Will Help You

Everything in life is energy, and different energies are required to achieve different results. Whether you want to start or grow a business, heal from a broken heart or nurture an existing relationship, heal a physical injury or get into the best shape of your life...you need the right energies in the right dosages at the right times. 

But not all energy is beneficial.

The negative energies of stress, anxiety, doubt, anger, low self-esteem, or self-sabotage cloud you from knowing who you are and your true purpose. While positive energies such as gratitude, forgiveness, peace, stillness and bliss, dissolve the confusion and enlighten you to your true nature.

Our Inner Transformation Group Program properly and rapidly removes your negative energies, provides you with ample positive energies and offers simple yet powerful tools to broaden your awareness and deepen your understanding of your true nature.

Who is this

Program For?

This program is for those who are committed to living lives of greater peace, stillness, bliss and purpose. For those who are committed to truly discovering and living their life purpose. Lastly, this is program is for those who are committed to practicing discernment, experimenting with the information provided and a willingness to make their own conclusion. By following simple instructions, you will evolve and expand faster than you ever thought possible. We are here to empower you!

Faster Transformation
in a Group

Doing personal development in a group accelerates your transformation through group meditations, healing sessions and assignments.


Without proper understanding as to why you are stuck, it will be difficult to move forward. Through awareness, understanding and greater will, you can move mountains.

Even Faster Transformation through Energy

Without energy nothing happens, and we have developed ways to provide you with lots of energy to properly, rapidly and smoothly achieve your goals.

Proven System of Transformation

Pranic Healing is currently practiced in over 90 countries by over 1 million practitioners who have produced tens of millions of successful healings since 1988. 

Healing Anytime, Anywhere

All sessions are recorded and made available when you are. 

Simple Yet Profound Assignments

After every group session, you are given an assignment to accelerate your transformation and reduce the likelihood of falling back into old patterns.

Inner Transformation Group Program

This one-of-a-kind program is designed to bring awareness and deep understanding of timeless spiritual teachings to transform you FASTER with LESS suffering to achieve stillness, inner peace, inner bliss and knowing who you truly are. 

3-Month Program, you can start right NOW

This is a home study program which you can join anytime and start getting immense value from immediately. 

LIVE Lessons w/ Spiritual Teacher 

(a HIGHLY recommended upgrade)

Google can answer some questions. ChatGpt can give you some custom insights. But...neither one can dispel the darkness on your path then point you back to your Higher Soul. This is why a spiritual teacher is essential to provide the INSIGHTS and ENERGIES to move your life forward.

Spiritual Teacher & Energy Healer

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Your expert is a direct disciple of Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui, the Modern Founder of Pranic Healing & Arhatic Yoga. Your expert has done over 6,000 paid 1on1 sessions, 100's of paid group sessions and lead 1000's of people through meditation. He has over 600 free videos on YouTube discussing meditation, energy healing and practical spirituality. He has been a regular meditator since 1999 and energy healer since 2004. Christian is simply an instrument for his Great Teacher and his Teachings.

FAQs about the Program

"When I started my spiritual path in 1999, I would have done anything to have this compilation of wisdom available to me, so I was inspired to make this program available for true spiritual aspirants around the world."

- Christian Long

He has dedicated his life to help people, just like you, gain more awareness of who they are. His life and business, are guided by this quote you saw earlier by MCKS, "Without awareness, there is no inner transformation."

Doing this program gives you access to cleaner, brighter, more vibrant energies that allow for faster removal of negative energies to transform your life faster and easier than you could have ever imagined. 

Sign up now for the Inner Transformation Group Program. We look forward to helping you experience the immense power of your Soul guided by these universal teachings. 


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