Live Meditations

"Meditation speeds up the evolutionary process by gradually purifying negative tendencies." 


-Master Choa Kok Sui 


Atma Namaste Everyone! 

Since 2004, I have had the honor and pleasure of practicing and sharing the Twin Hearts Meditation with 1000’s of people in person and online. The Twin Hearts Meditation is designed to activate the heart and crown chakras which brings a tremendous downpour of divine energies into the body which has a cleansing and energizing effect on your whole body.

Just practicing the Twin Hearts Meditation one time generates a tremendous amount of good karma and expands your inner aura from 2-4 inches, for most people, to 35-50 feet! With increased energy, you can produce more positive results for yourself, your family and the world. 

Solo meditation is the OLD MODEL of spiritual development, Group meditation is the NEW MODEL. You don’t have to spiritually grow all by yourself anymore, grow with other like-minded Souls.  

We offer a LIVE Daily Twin Hearts Meditation to encourage all people of goodwill to rapidly grow & evolve together. We have found that 7 people meditating together, whether in person or online, generates as much energy as 100 people meditating alone. By regularly meditating with a group each person will exponentially expand their energy to be greater instruments of goodwill and the will to do good. 

Benefits of the Twin Hearts Meditation shown through Scientific Research

There was significant increase in plasma melatonin and serum serotonin following Meditation on Twin Hearts in a pilot study of 17 subjects and a follow-up study of 35 subjects




An observable increase in brain synchrony (alpha-delta theta waves) between the two hemispheres of the brain after the Meditation on Twin Hearts



There was synchronization of brain waves initially between the same hemisphere and followed by synchrony between the frontal, middle and rear portions of the brain

LIVE Meditation Format

Invocation 1 min

(opening the practice)

Gentle physical exercises 10 min

(removing energetic congestion)

Breathing exercises 5 min

(calming emotions, stilling the mind, expanding your energy)

Twin Hearts Meditation 20 min

(blessing the earth and all sentient beings)

Share or Clarify experiences 5 min

(whether beginner or advanced meditator)

Gentle physical exercises 5 min

(absorbing the fresh, new energies)

Thanksgiving prayer 1 min

(closing the practice)

In less than 1 hour...

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