"What is 30 seconds of the Teacher's time worth?"



I have consciously been on the spiritual path for ⅔ of my life. I’ve had the immense fortune to meet and work with great mentors, healers, teachers and coaches since 1996. I’ve also invested time, money and energy into books, retreats and workshops that were less than ideal for propelling me down my spiritual path.


A good mentor will give you good results but...

A great mentor will give you great results.


One great mentor is worth the price of 10,000 good mentors, because its not about the message, its about the messenger. Its about the energy coming through the messenger. 


But how do we discern the good mentors from the Great Mentors? 

Look at their track record of success, take what they say as temporary truth, experiment with that temporary truth then make your own conclusion. If you get good results, keep listening. If you get bad results? Cut ties and move on.

One of my first mentors said, “Finding a true spiritual teacher is HARDER than finding a needle in a haystack, its actually like finding a specific grain of sand on the beach.”

A great mentor, teacher or healer gives the right advice in the right dosage at the right time to make a profound shift in the listener, the mentor is truly dispelling the darkness and illuminating the path of the listener. When I have listened, my mentors have saved me YEARS of pain, sorrow and suffering with one insight or practice. And when I chose not to listen, my suffering continued for years UNTIL I finally listened and applied that one lesson.

What price can you put on avoiding years of suffering? Or producing 10x the results in 1/10th the time?

What price can be put on avoiding the wrong lover?

What price can you put on choosing the right business venture?

What price can you put on avoiding something that will traumatize you?

What price can you put on choosing a suitable spiritual practice?

What price can you put on healing from an addiction?

If you are ready to listen, I am here to save you years of suffering and shorten your path to success.

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